As someone who has worked hard to make it to the middle class, I know what struggles Oregon families face to get there and stay there. We need a voice in Salem who we can trust to tell politicians to stop the political infighting and start focusing on issues that matter to Oregonians.

A quality public education

Instead of investing in education, leaders in Salem are firing teachers and cutting school days. As a parent, a teacher, as well as someone whose life was deeply impacted by public schools, I understand that education is the key to opportunity. That’s why I will fight to cut waste and make sure more of our funding goes to schools, so we can reduce class sizes and eliminate teacher layoffs.

Local Jobs and Local Opportunity

I’m committed to keeping jobs here in Oregon. With local jobs leaving the state, we need politicians to stop fighting and focus inwards. I’ll support legislation that will require Oregon to give its business to local companies so that our hard earned tax dollars create jobs here at home – not out of state. And to make sure that Oregonians are ready for work, I’ll support the creation of partnerships between colleges and businesses to better prepare our students to compete for good-paying jobs right here in our own neighborhoods.

Fighting for Healthy Families

As someone who knows what it’s like to provide for elderly parents, and for a spouse with severe disabilities, I will fight to secure better health care access for all citizens. I also won’t be afraid to defend the interests of middle class families when they’re under attack by special interests. That’s why I’ll fight to insure that the state’s new health exchange plan is implemented properly and will seek other cost-saving approaches to health care as well.