About Joe

I have been honored to serve our community as your State Representative for these past two years.

I’m working hard to keep the promises I made to you by investing in our students, getting Oregonians back to work, supporting local businesses, and fighting to make sure everyone has a voice in their government.

Investing in our students: As an educator myself, I know there’s nothing more important than investing in our students. I’ve continuously advocated increasing school funding to reduce class sizes, restore school days and expand opportunities for the next generation of Oregonians. To make sure we’re addressing our skyrocketing costs in college tuition, I sponsored a bill that will make college easier to afford for Oregon families, so every student who wants to can pursue their degree.

Strengthening Oregon’s workforce: As the parent of a recent college graduate, I understand how hard it can be to enter the workplace in this economic climate. I’ve been proud to champion smart investments in our local workforce, linking employers, educators and students together to ensure our local businesses have the skilled workforce they need to succeed.

Supporting local business & farms: Living in Hillsboro for more than 20 years, I understand that we need coordination between our businesses and landowners. I’ve worked to successfully to expand opportunities for regional farmers and supported efforts to provide small business greater access to the tools they need to navigate state regulations and create local jobs.

I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, but there is still work to be done and I’m ready to go back to Salem to keep fighting for our community.

I hope you’ll join me. And please be sure to keep in touch. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards,